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Nox Cleaner Pro Crack APK + Phone Cleaner, Booster, Optimizer For Android

Nox Cleaner Crack

Nox Cleaner Pro Crack APK is the name of a fast and low-volume Android device optimization app developed by Nox Download LTD Studio and published on Google Play Market. With a powerful feature, Nox Cleaner Pro Crack Unlocked APK can help you increase the speed of your Android.

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Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this application is having several different tools in a single environment. Just tap the screen once and see the additional files in just a few seconds. Nox Cleaner Pro Crack makes your Android device run faster and faster than before. One of the best technologies used in this application is to identify useless applications and help you remove them and free up a large part of your memory.

Nox Cleaner Pro Mod APK 2022:

Free up some space.
Another important suggestion of Nox Cleaner Mod APK is that it helps to thoroughly clean the device by removing all the redundant and corrupted files and links from the Android device. This deletion frees up storage space on the device. This makes the device more efficient and faster.

Notification Master Blocker.
The notification master blocker is a special feature of Nox Cleaner APK. It is compatible with the latest version of the calculator. All types of notifications that occur on the device are captured by the application and stored in a specific location for later use. This helps save time for the user and also leads to a space-saving of the device that can be used for another useful purpose. When the user enables this particular feature, the messages and notifications will be hidden and the notification bar will be blank, which will increase the speed of the phone.

Nox battery saving mode.
Another wonderful feature of Nox Cleaner APK is the option to save battery. Nox Cleaner allows the device to identify all the apps and programs that are running in the background and draining the phone’s battery. It also lists the bulky apps that are using the most memory and battery and efficiently stops them without affecting other processes on the front or back of the device.

Imager Master Manager:

The main option of the image manager included in Nox Cleaner APK helps the device to assemble all kinds of images in one touch and separate them according to the source of the image. When the images are sorted and stored in a similar folder, it is extremely easy for the user to delete the useless or redundant images and keep the desired images. If unwanted images are removed, the performance of the device will be optimized again and the device’s file manager will free up space.

Nox Cleaner app crash.
Security has always been a concern for mobile phone or smartphone users around the world. To do this, users tried to install standalone applications and also used the built-in features. However, it is very difficult for the user to protect his phone. Hence, this issue is classified according to the app lock feature provided by Nox Cleaner. The Nox Cleaner app locker offers security against unwanted and risky file access on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other websites. The user can set a password using an access code, pattern or even facial recognition.

Master CPU cooler.
The master CPU cooler included in the Nox Cleaner APK is considered one of the most useful features of the Nox Cleaner. The main CPU cooler helps keep the phone temperature down while the user plays heavy games or watches photos and videos. Nox Cleaner can do this by running apps in the background without a background and draining the device’s battery. This optimizes the overall performance of the device and keeps it cool even with heavy use.


Nox Cleaner Pro Crack

How Does The NOX Cleaner MOD APK Work:

Cleaner Crack Max Junk File Nox.
Our powerful scan engine not only gives users more space for cleaning cache, remaining files, download folders, clipboard content, and more. Users can also clear the cache data of social apps like Line, WhatsApp, or others without worrying about deleting the wrong file. A key and a junk file cache are clean!

Real-time antivirus.
Nox Cleaner for Mac performs real-time virus scanning, including online malware, adware, and Trojans. Removes viruses with potential privacy threats to protect users from threats that could harm their phones. With one touch, your phone is protected against potential viruses that threaten your privacy!

Notification blocker.
The latest calculation engine for the Nox Cleaner APK notification blocker blocks unnecessary notifications unnecessarily. It brings them together in one place for faster and more efficient cleaning. Enable notification blocker to protect spy messages and keep notification bar clean which will make your phone faster.

Maximum memory amplifier.
Excessive memory consumption makes your phone heavy and slow. With one click, Nox Cleaner Crack Android can free up memory and make the phone lighter and faster. Nox Cleaner works smart and makes working on Android phones even more convenient.

Why Chose NOX Cleaner Cracked APK?

CPU cooler.
NoxCleaner Pro APK intelligently detects and closes battery-draining apps to reduce CPU usage. This lowers the temperature of the phone, which makes it much easier for users to watch videos or games.

Game accelerator.
Increase your favorite games like or others and enjoy the maximum speed with an instant gaming experience. Try our one-click game booster to speed up your games and make them more fluid. Kill all the enemies that prevent you from victory.

Maximum battery-saving mode.
Analyzing battery consumption and assisting in the automatic search for applications that drain the battery and turn it off effectively.

Application manager.
Nox PC provides information about the applications that are not used due to their use. You can manage and uninstall applications to free up more storage space. That speeds up and speeds up Android storage.

image manager.
Nox Cleaner Crack Download can scan the photo gallery and sort it into different albums where users can view similar photos for deletion.

Locker app.
The App Locker feature offers users the highest security against unwanted access to SNS apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and others. All private information (such as photos, phone calls, or messages) is safely stored in the powerful security system of the Ox Nox player. Templates and passcodes are now available to lock and unlock apps.

What’s New?

Deep cleaning.
The cleaning effect is beyond your imagination. Nox Cleaner Pro APK
System cache, application waste, memory waste, memory recovery, application installation package, etc., full coverage, deep cleaning, more comprehensive, more comprehensive

Image Segmentation.
Assign photos automatically
Intelligently filter similar images and blurry images, clean up bad images, and use image compression to free up more memory

Without ads.
Carefully create a wonderful cleaning tool.
Nox Game offers an accessible, seamless, and ad-free user experience

Small but pretty.
NoxCleaner is very impressive and smart in a very small size.
While this tool is much smaller than other similar apps, it doesn’t feel light in terms of features. Compared to other cleaners, it gives you more RAM and storage space than you need.

Master Game Booster.
The Master Game Booster feature offered by Nox Cleaner APK is a powerful feature that enables high-level gamers to run graphical games on their Android devices without lag. Game Booster clears RAM and junk files from time to time, which means that the game will run smoothly. Thus, it improves the overall gaming experience and game speed, resulting in easy winnings for the user or the player. With the help of this application on their Android devices, players can enjoy various high graphics and heavy games like PUBG, Far Cry, etc.

How To Install Nox Cleaner Pro Crack APK?

  1. Download APK from the link given Below
  2.  On your Android phone, go to settings > security > allow unknown source
  3.  Install
  4.  Done!

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